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Review: It`s all about finding bizarre and un-tapped niche markets that you can profit from, and the surprising thing is, it really is a lot easier than you`d think. As Joe says, `there are literally hundreds and thousands of niche markets out there, just waiting to be exploited.`

And The AJM Fast Start Guide shows you how with step-by-step instructions on locating a niche, and then tips on where to advertise it for maximum targeted traffic, how to write the perfect pay per click ad, build a killer keyword list, explode your conversion rates, and so on.

Earnings Potential: 9/10

Success Rate:         8/10

Ease Of Use:           9/10

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The 12 videos are excellent too, covering everything from writing a sales letter and building your keyword list to the more technical aspects such as ad tracking and split testing. Joe also throws in some great bonuses, which include chapters on three of his most successful money-making techniques; The Lazy List Builder, The Terminator Method and The Farewell technique.




Review: Created by a lady named Victoria, this product package doesn`t disappoint.  Firstly, you receive the Duvet Dollars e-book which reveals everything you need to know in order to build and market your online business, and there are also action plans and tips at the end of every chapter to make things even easier.

On top of that, there`s a selection of bonus chapters covering subjects like automation, traffic generation, direct mail and list building, as well as a whole chapter on her sneakiest technique of making money, The Fronting Method.

Earnings Potential: 7/10

Success Rate:         8/10

Ease Of Use:           9/10

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Commission Blueprint - maximise your affiliate profits!


Earnings Potential: 8/10

Success Rate:         7/10

Ease Of Use:           7/10

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Review: Created by renowned internet marketers and hugely successful businessmen, Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey, Commission Blueprint is a training program that shows you how to maximize your affiliate profits using ClickBank and Google AdWords.
The first thing to stand out about this product is the huge credibility of the authors. Steve Clayton was recently interviewed by ClickBank itself, due to his magnificent performance as a ClickBank affiliate, while Tim Godfrey is one of the highest performing affiliates for products such as Google Nemesis, Affiliate Payload and Google Code, to name but a few. In short, these are two hugely successful ClickBank affiliate marketers who have proven their credentials time and time again!
Like the products in question, Commission Blueprint will show you how to make money promoting ClickBank products via Google AdWords.


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"Are you kidding me? I had no idea how easy this was going to be. I regret not doing this sooner when I had the chance. I started advertising my business on Google after our conversation and scheduled my first customer 23 minutes after my website went online! I really appreciate it!" Dan Lane, Aladdin Plus Carpet Cleaning

"Hi Joe, just a short note to thank you for your email... it caught me just at the right time as I was looking for a good product to recommend to my subscribers. After sending only 2 emails to my list and spending only $40 on AdWords promoting, it has made me an extra $676.13 for really under an hours work. You really know your stuff! I've just checked my stats and I had 223 clickthroughs and 22 sales - which is a staggering 10% conversion rate! It has the highest conversion rates of any product I have ever promoted.` Greg McKenzie, GoldrushX, UK

"I was lucky enough to be picked as one of Victoria's trial students recently and I haven't looked back since. I was working as a secretary and not really enjoying it. Thanks to her words of encouragement and guidance I now have my very own online business which I operate from my spare bedroom. I made $619.28 in my very first two weeks and over $1,000 in the fortnight after using the Duvet Dollar system (great name!). My business is now growing and it's all thanks to her. Thanks again Tor." L. Stevens, Swindon, UK

"This is just brilliant. We really feel like we've found something life changing here and we can't thank you enough Victoria! Turning on our computer every morning is now SO EXCITING and we used to hate computers if we're honest. We're currently working on our third income stream and will report back to you when it's up and running fully. We hope to qualify for the Joint Venture program soon and start making some BIG money with your help. Thanks again Victoria." Barrie & Ann Birch, UK

"Wow! It's about time someone came out with a course in the under $100 price range that really delivers! This is the kind of quality education that you usually find in home study courses that cost three times as much. You guys have done a great job with breaking down the science of affiliate marketing into easy-to-follow steps. Anyone can take this blueprint and use it to create a healthy income online". Michael Rasmussen

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